Mystic or High Technology?

Many people have a firm belief in things that are normally lumped under the title of “mystic” – mind reading, telekinesis, ghosts, out-of-body experiences…  The list seems endless.  Often the things people think they see are really the work of charlatans – sleight-of-hand and other trickery.

I have seen things, though, or heard of them from people I deeply trust, that are not so easily explained.  I believe that most people have experienced such things at least, though they may not admit it.  The question I raise is this:  When occurrences can’t be explained as trickery or random chance, what are we really experiencing?

Is it simply science that we don’t understand?  In many cases I think this may be the case.  For instance, the close connection that often occurs between twins might be explained this way.

Or is it something more?  What about miracles?

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