Shy Samaritan or genuine miracle?- Updated

Earlier this week, I wrote about the man, apparently a priest, who prayed with the workers trying to free Katie Lentz from a crashed car in Missouri and asked the question about whether the priest was an angel, as some suggested, or just a good person not interested in the publicity.

That question was answered earlier this week when the good Samaritan, Father Patrick Dowling of the Jefferson City Diocese came forward (reported by Fox News).  Father Dowling was in the area to celebrate a Mass in Ewing, MO, where the regular priest was ill.  He came upon the site of the crash and drove closer when it was safe to do so, according to a posting he made on the National Catholic Register last Friday night.  He only approached the car after obtaining permission from the Sheriff in charge of the scene.

In his words:

“I absolved and anointed Katie, and, at her request, prayed that her leg would not hurt. Then I stepped aside to where some rescue personnel and the (rescue helicopter) pilot were waiting, and prayed the rosary silently.

I left when the helicopter was about to take off …”

Clearly the identity of the ‘mystery man’ is resolved but the other question I previously asked still remains.

The fact is that Father Dowling prayed with Katie and the rescue crew.  Shortly after that, new equipment arrived and, unlike the earlier equipment, it was sufficient to complete the rescue successfully.  Was that just a coincidence or was it an answer to the prayers?

What do you think?


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